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Wake Self "Malala" Released August 24th 2016

Wake Self Drops A Powerful New Album, Malala, Featuring Gift of Gab and Production from SmokeM2D6 of Oldominion

Packed full of sharp social commentary, unique rhyme patterns and uplifting rhythms,  Malala  is Wake Self’s magnum opus. Wake rides to the beat of a different emcee, never following the trends or changing who he is to fit a certain mold.

From the beautifully arranged and impactful title track to the call to action of “Change the World” featuring Blackalicious’ Gift of Gab, the 15-track album bursts with original content while retaining a musicality unmatched by most modern day emcees.

“There are concepts inside of every song,” Wake explains. “Each song has its own mood, atmosphere and anatomy. The way I feel about life and my experiences, beliefs, perception, and emotion is everything.  As humans we are not the boxes and generalizations or short description we are forced to fit in.  Everything we are is constantly expanding and deepening.  Malala  is an illustrated soundtrack to my journey and faith for a brighter future.”

With generous contributions from Miles Bonny, Belgium artist  Blu Samu, partner-in-crime Def-i, vocalist Alia Lucero, Dre Z, and of course, Gift of Gab,  Malala  is exactly what is missing in hip-hop’s often vapid landscape.

“Making this album has already changed my life,” he says. “I am deeply connected to every word, syllable, rhyme patter, feeling, concept, and idea that came through me on this project. I try to make music that can heal, inspire, bring love, awareness, happiness, and clarity. I want people to feel alive, and clear—to not only envision a new world, but to also start materializing it with our actions, and continue cleansing ourselves from the wounds of our past social patterns.”


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01. Intro
02. No Pricetags ft. Alia Lucero
03. Huger Pains ft. Def-i
04. Questions ft. Myles Bonney & DJ Young Native
05. Malala ft. Blu Samu
06. Ice T’s Revenge
07. Keep On
08. Be Like You
09. Coping Mechanism
10. Smoke Break
11. Change the World ft. Gift of Gab (Blackalicious)
12. NRG is EVRYTNG ft. Dre Z & DJ Young Native
13. Satori
14. No Life Guard ft. Alia Lucero
15. Outro

Alia Lucero


DJ Young Native

Gift of Gab (Blackalicious)

Dre Z