Good Things Happen To Those Who Wake

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Good Things Happen To Those Who Wake

Wake Self " Good Things Happen To Those Who Wake" Released Mar 18th 2014

Albuquerque hip-hop staple Andy “Wake Self” Martinez had a stellar year in 2013. He released his first solo album, The Healing Process, and toured the country in support of the record, winning over new fans and solidifying his reputation as a fearless emcee.

On March 18, 2014, Martinez drops his sophomore effort, Good Things Happen to Those Who Wake, a 12-track voyage through the New Mexico native’s mind. Packed with flawless production by PH8, Percy Wells and DJ Young Native, Martinez effortlessly ebbs and flows over each beat with the fluidity of a master. With atypical lyrical content ranging from yoga, energy cleansing and eating organic food to population control, wearing matching flannels with his older brother and social media dumbing down America, Good Things Happen to Those Who Wake is truly one-of-a-kind. He bravely addresses his happiness and depression as a child, self-mutilation, self-empowerment, and starting over.

Martinez’s unique topics are the tip of the iceberg. Combined with his intense lyrical acrobatics and impeccable delivery, Martinez is indeed about to wake people up to what “quality hip-hop” means.

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1. Re(Intro)duction feat DJ Young Native
2.So Good feat. Ariano
3.Love Take Over feat DJ Young Native
4. Way Back When feat Robin Aires
5. Divorce Papers
6. New Mexico
7.Today Was Like feat Dj Young Native & Ariano
8.Open Your Eyes
9.Anti Bully
10. Wake Yo Self feat Dj Young Native
11. The Slow Down feat DJ Young Native & Robin Aires
12. Good Things Happen


DJ Young Native


Per C Wells



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